KN95 Protective Face Masks PM2.5, (Box of 10 Pcs / 50 Pcs)

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Stay Home. Stay Safe.
This is our daily mantra in hope that people stay home and out of harm's way.  As busy as our lives are these days, we do have to venture out into to the world to run our daily errands. PLEASE GO OUT PROTECTED. USE the KN95 Protective Face Masks.


  • Specially engineered to keep out even the smallest of particles, measuring < 2.5 microns in diameter
  • Premium Material : This mask adopts high quality cotton, making it soft and comfortable against your skin.
  • Superior Design that promotes effortless breathing.
  • Anti-Dust : The mask protects the user from dust, air particles, pollen and aerosols.
  • Multifunctional : This anti-dust mask is suitable for both women and men, and is ideal for everyday use to protect the user against pollutants. It can also be used during a large number of other outdoor activities.
  • The mask protects the user from fog, haze, vehicle exhaust fumes, and passive smoke.
  • Available in packs of 10 & 50. ENJOY FREE SHIPPING!!


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