Double-Sided Powerful Magnetic Kitchen Knife Block ** FREE SHIPPING **

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Description :
  • Double-Sided Magnetic Knife Block suitable for holding between 8-14 Kitchen Knives.
  • Ideal Built-in D83 Magnets to provide a strong magnetic force, suitable for common household kitchen knives.
  • Handmade, smooth, durable surface enables easy maintenance. Easy to clean and washable. 
  • Made from ABS, pure solid resin resulting in an ultra sturdy knife block. Environmentally Friendly.
Specifications :
Material : ABS Resin
Variant : Double-Sided Magnetic
Color Options : Black, Beige, Yellow
Weight : 1.6kg
Dimensions : 32.7cm x 9.6cm x 21cm
Package Contents : 1pcs x Knife Block (No Knives Included)
Safety Instructions :
  • DO NOT place knife block near a heat source. Exposure to high temperatures could result in physical damage, as well as loss of magnetism.
  • DO NOT place the product near a microwave oven. Electromagnetic waves also weaken magnetism.
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